Sunday, June 2, 2013

My father Zack Hale now 86, was hired in 1969 by the owners of The Pioneer Club Tommy Elardi and his mother Margaret. He was the host from 1969-1975. He stood on the main floor, which I remember as being super small, in front of a band and had a microphone talking to all the people walking by telling them about the "bonus spins" and "specials" they had going on. He also told jokes. The original voice of Vegas Vic was created in the early 50's. My father said that man is passed away now. In 1969 Tommy said the tape was worn out and he asked my dad to record his voice for Vegas Vic. Of course he said yes. The original recording was just "Howdy Podner". Then for the filming of "Honey I Blew Up the Kids", they asked him to change it to "Howdy Podner, Welcome to Downtown Las Vegas". As most of us know, there were many complaints about Vegas Vic going off every 15 minutes from people staying at the Mint Hotel. Except for during the filming of a couple of movies, my dads voice is only a memory. To me I hear him every day. He still lives here in Las Vegas and is going strong.